Reasons A Few Perfumes Leave Stains On Your Clothes And What You Could Do About It

Published: 29th November 2011
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A perfume stain tends to be something that is usually observed on specific fabrics. You will find a few perfumes that create yellowish stains because of some chemicals they consist of apart from alcohol. One thing you should remember is the fact that it is important to get the unwanted dirt spot out immediately before it dries out.

Getting rid of the stain while it's still fresh usually gives ideal results. Perfume stains on clothes are actually common, just as dabbing scents by people in order to feel and smell good is also a common practice these days. However, occasionally, this leads to ruining your most loved clothes particularly the light-colored ones. You need to take action quickly as soon as the stain appears.

To get rid of stains caused by perfume in clothing, you have to dip a piece of cloth in tepid to warm water and use it to blot the stained part. Alternatively, you may simply hand wash the dress at the earliest opportunity. It's vital to dab the stained area, most certainly not to rub it hard, because rubbing too much would weigh down the stain much deeper directly into the cloth. Then, the stained clothes should be cleaned by a dry cleaner once you are able to get them there and before the blemish sets in the fabric. When the clothing with the stains is going to be washed, do this in warm water. You can dip it first, then you can go ahead and put it inside the washing machine, or hand wash it as advised by the clothing's label. A piece of cheesecloth works well to help get the perfume stains off the fabric. You can even use a stain-removing chemical while cleaning the fabric. You may similarly spray on some regular ammonia in the area where the stains are. To remove the excess ammonia, clean the clothing once again using a laundry soap bar. There are likewise specially made spot removers which help get rid of such unsightly stains produced by perfumes, in case the aforementioned methods do not work in eliminating the stain.

Perfumes can also stain furnishings upholstered with any type of fabric whenever perfume touches them. Getting perfume stains out of rugs or upholstery could be completely different compared to that of clothes and dresses. To help to make the stain removing mixture, make use of one part glycerine as well as one half part water and work with a cloth to put the same onto the area of the rug or upholstery where the stain is found. Allow the solution to be absorbed for a few momemts and don't do other things on it temporarily. Then, soak a cloth in tepid to warm water and blot the perfume stains out in addition to virtually any remnants of the cleansing solution. Let it dry. Sometimes, you can find a suitable brand of carpet shampoo that can also remove perfume induced stains. Use this based on the directions pointed out as directed on the bottle.

An additional simple idea to steer clear of such perfume stains on your clothing is to take out a sample of the perfume and apply it on a hidden section of the fabric before getting dressed and right before you actually wear perfume on your clothes. This way, you could check if the fabric you're putting on would react negatively against the perfume. You may also examine the perfume label and its contents carefully, which should provide you with an idea on whether or not the perfume might cause stains on certain fabrics.


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